GenPro Energy Solutions

With the cost of energy consumption continually rising, there has been a related increase in demand for consultation services for energy efficiency. For years, commercial businesses and municipalities have been employing energy saving technologies to try and help offset the cost of electricity. Until recently there hasn't been one sure fire way to reduce electricity consumption. Now, with the drastic improvements in LED technology over the last 18 months, there is a way to cut electricity consumption for lighting by up to 80%.

There are many nuances that occur on a LED lighting install that can lead to wasted time and resources. GenPro Energy Solutions offers a turn-key solution that will create the path of least resistance for your LED upgrade. Our team of consultants consists of product specialists and project managers that understand the unique characteristics of LED technology, how to train and manage a contracting team during the install and how to find and apply for rebates to help offset the cost of an LED upgrade.

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