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Traditional Style A-Series

Traditional Style A-Series

The A19 is easily recognized as the the traditional light bulb. Up until recently, the LED lighting industry has struggled to provide 360 degree coverage that the former A19 incandesent provided. With advances in the light emitting diode placement, LED's can finally provide the 360 degree coverage sought after from this type of lighting technology. We have a number of excellent A19's to choose from.

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Replaces Standard Bulbs
Wattage: 6 - 8W
Output (Lumens): 485
Light Color: Warm White, Cool White
Uses only 6 Watts
Manufacturer: Cree
Wattage: 6W
Light Color: Warm White
40 Watt Equivalent
Manufacturer: Cree
Wattage: 6W
Output (Lumens): 460
Light Color: Warm White
60 Watt Equivalent
Manufacturer: Cree
Wattage: 11W
Output (Lumens): 815
Light Color: Warm White

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