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AC Power Pack

AC/DC Converter

The LORENTZ AC PowerPack is an optional accessory that allows the LORENTZ pump system controller to be powered from an generator or commercial utility power. The solar array remains connected. When available solar energy is low, power is automatically drawn from the AC power source. When solar energy is normal, less energy is drawn from AC. The AC PowerPack will always power the pump to its full capacity when the AC supply is connected and turned on.

One application is for use with a portable genset (gasoline generator), which may be used to run the pump at night or during poor sunlight conditions. When the generator is stopped (or runs out of fuel) the AC Power Pack automatically returns to solar power when sunshine is sufficient.

Two AC Power Pack models are available to suit the power requirement for LORENTZ PS600, PS1200, and PS1800 systems.


  • PP600H model: 700W (120V or 240V selectable)
  • PP2000 model: 1500W (240V)
  • Overload protection: internal fuse, 15 A
  • Enclosure: steel, gasket-sealed, indoor-use, fan vented, hinged front cover with key-lock
  • IP22
  • Ambient temperature: max. 113 degrees F (40 degrees C)
  • Dimensions: 17.7" × 11.8" × 5.5"
  • Weight: 35 lbs
  • Specifications

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