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GenPro Energy Solutions delivers sustainable, renewable energy products and systems worldwide. We provide solar modules, solar-powered water pumping systems, wind turbines, solar thermal heating systems, water purification systems, LED lighting, grid-tie and off-grid systems, and more.

GenPro is a Premier Distribution Partner of LORENTZ Solar Pumping products, and has supplied thousands of remote solar water pumping systems worldwide through our certified dealer and distributor network in the USA, Canada, Bahamas and Caribbean.

We are also a full-line distributor of Southwest Windpower wind turbines featuring the Skystream 3.7, and supply an assortment of energy products including inverters, combiners and disconnects, charge controllers, PV mounting/racks, solar trackers, Generac generators, batteries and electric-vehicle charging stations, and more.

GenPro has dedicated, certified staff for design and implementation of solar and wind power generation systems ready for off-grid, grid-tie, back-up and utility bill reduction, and can provide custom solutions at your request. We provide complete solar and wind power generation systems for residential, commercial, State and Federal government entities nationwide!

If you are looking to have a system designed, make a purchase, or become a dealer or distributor of our products, please call us toll free at 866-593-0777 to talk with one of our associates. Let us be your experts for your energy needs!

Projects by the GenPro Network of Distributors & Dealers:

  • Residential Grid-Tie

  • Residential Grid-Tie
    North Platte, Nebraska

  • Grid-Tie System
    Spearfish, South Dakota

  • Hybrid Grid-Tie Project
    Badlands National Park, South Dakota

  • Buffalo/Cattle Ranch Water System
    Sturgis, South Dakota

  • Village Water System
    Remote Village, Brazil

  • Off-Grid Home Power System
    Deadwood, South Dakota

  • Remote Lighting System
    Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

  • Water Purification Units

  • 20kW Grid-Tie
    Tewaken, North Dakota

  • Small Irrigation System
    South Central Kansas

  • Watering System for Vineyard
    Southwestern, Nebraska

  • Off-Grid Home Bergey XL.1 System
    Kyle, South Dakota

  • Remote Water Pumping System
    Hereford, South Dakota

  • Off-Grid Home Wind Power System
    Hill City, South Dakota

  • Rural Electric Water Pumping System
    Upton, Wyoming

  • 2.1kW Trailor
    Mobile Power System

  • 17.2kW Grid Tie
    Cayman Islands

  • 20kW Grid-Tie
    Delacs, North Dakota

  • Livestock Watering System
    Caputa, South Dakota

  • Livestock Watering System
    Belle Fourche, South Dakota

  • Wildlife Watering System
    Custer State Park, Black Hills, SD

  • 3.6kW Grid-Tie

  • Presentation College
    Aberdeen, South Dakota

  • 5kW Grid-Tie

  • Residential Grid-Interactive System
    Freeport, Grand Bahama

GenPro Awarded U.S. Master Distributor

GENPRO-LORENTZ Territories In January 2010 GenPro Energy Solutions was selected as a North American Premier Distributor for LORENTZ Pump and Mechanics. After several years of combined efforts, GenPro and LORENTZ have brought forth the Largest Selection of Solar Water Pumps in the World to the U.S. Market.

Water pumping with solar energy is quickly becoming the most economical and reliable way to pump water in remote locations for livestock watering, irrigation and rural applications. With LORENTZ Solar Water Pumping solutions, water is being lifted from remote wells that are over 2000 feet, or at over 520 gallons per minute! Solar direct systems are extremely efficient, but when water is needed outside of sunlight hours AC- or battery-power is still an option while preserving the pumps inherent efficiency.

GenPro is the Master Distributor for LORENTZ for the Northern USA, Canada, Bahamas and Caribbean. To locate a distributor or dealer near you, or to get more details about LORENTZ products, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

U.S. Government Incentives for Solar Water Pumping:
The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) is a voluntary conservation program that promotes environmental quality.

Through EQIP, the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) provides assistance to eligible farmers and ranchers to implement conservation practices on eligible agricultural land.

Click here for more information and to apply.