Generator Sales and Service

GenPro offers current products by Briggs & Stratton Home Standby, GE Power Systems, Generac, Pramac, Powermate, Winco, and Powerdak Automatic Transfer Switch. Products new and used available are Asco, GE, Zenith, Generac, and Onan. Engines by Briggs...

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Solar Under Storm: Designing Hurricane-Resilient PV Systems

By Laurie Stone and Christopher Burgess Published by the Rocky Mountain Institute The 2017 hurricane season was one of the most active in history. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria brought widespread destruction throughout the Caribbean. In addition to the emotional...

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The Utility Model is Changing

South Dakota Public Utilities Commission declares order that Randall Community Water District can offset power usage with renewable energy In a first of its kind decision on Friday, February 1st, 2019 and a win for distributed power generation, the South Dakota Public...

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What are the risks associated with using a generator?

GenPro wants to make sure that local home and business owners use these generators safely. “The hazards associated with portable generators include electric shock, carbon monoxide gas, and fire. “Most of those problems can be avoided with proper use and maintenance.”...

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Who warranties and or services generators?

For the warranty period from the date of sale, the generator manufacturer will, at its option, repair or replace any part(s) which, upon examination, inspection, and testing by an Authorized/Certified Warranty Dealer of the product, or branch thereof, is found to be...

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Can I install my own generator?

Yes, no, and maybe --- how's that for a clear-as-mud answer? There are several things to consider when deciding if installing a home generator is project you can undertake yourself. These include: Do you consider yourself to be "handy"? In answering this, think about...

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What kind of maintenance does a generator require?

Generators are a great way to provide an alternative power source when needed, whether it’s for powering the RV each weekend or simply for the rare power outage. These beneficial machines can be a fairly large investment, so you want to make sure you do what you can...

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How do I determine the size of generator I need?

How to Determine the Right Size Engine or Generator:  While there is no substitute for having a certified electrician perform an inspection and calculate everything for you, the guidelines below do offer some great starting points and should at least get you started...

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Should I buy a portable generator or a standby unit?

Portable generators: Labor-intensive, but affordable Smaller portable generators cost between $500 and $1,500 and are capable of powering your home’s essential appliances. These are considerably less expensive than standby generators—and all in all, they are fairly...

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How to choose the right solar contractor

With the Renewable Energy Tax Credit still holding at 30%, the timing is better than ever to consider going solar.  Residents, commercial business, and utilities are taking advantage of the tax credit while it is at the highest it will be.  The...

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