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How to choose the right solar contractor

With the Renewable Energy Tax Credit still holding at 30%, the timing is better than ever to consider going solar.  Residents, commercial business, and utilities are taking advantage of the tax credit while it is at the highest it will be.  The...

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GenPro Celebrates 15 Years

Today is GenPro Energy Solutions’ 15-year anniversary. Going from a small start-up in South Dakota to a globally recognized company...

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Solar Employs More Than 250,000 Americans

"States with significant job gains include Utah, Minnesota, Arizona, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Tennessee. California remains the state with the largest number of solar jobs nationwide, but jobs in California decreased 14% in 2017. In...

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Shanghai Based Solar Manufacturer to Bring Operations to US

JinkoSolar made the announcement this week that it plans on building an advanced solar manufacturing facility in the United States. JinkoSolar’s board of directors authorized the company to move forward with their construction process.  They plan to invest $410...

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60th Annual Black Hills Stock Show

GenPro Energy Solutions will be attending the 60th Annual Black Hills Stock Show at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center. Dates: January 26- February 4 2018 Black Hills Stock Cinch Trade Show Hours: Friday, January 26 – 10:00 am - 7:30 pm Saturday, January 27 - 10:00 am -...

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Energy storage system, homeowners control power use

PIEDMONT, S.D. (1/27/16) GenPro Energy Solutions has launched a new battery storage system that lets homeowners and small businesses store energy from the grid or renewable energy for use during the evening when energy charges are often higher or when renewable energy...

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GenPro Energy’s Tiny Home

We are excited to present to you the all new GenPro Living Systems! A real green tiny home. We will design and build your off-grid tiny home to your specific needs. Below is our example home with just some of the features we could build into your home. APPLIANCES...

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Hot Springs Mammoth Site makes the switch, LED lighting

GenPro Energy Solutions was proud to be selected by the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD to replace their lighting with LEDs. LED lighting is popular because it's brighter and more energy efficient than incandescent lights. But for the Mammoth Site of Hot Springs,...

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Community solar facts

Shared renewable energy arrangements allow several energy customers to share the benefits of one local renewable energy power plant. When the power is supplied strictly by solar energy, it is sometimes called “community solar.” The shared renewables project pools...

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LED health risks?

There have been some questions and articles regarding recent publications, one article notably from the American Medical Association1, regarding health risks associated with LED lighting. These articles specifically mention outdoor municipal lighting in the form of...

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Four reasons to upgrade to LED lights

LEDs are the future of the lighting market and are an easy upgrade with retrofits available for almost every application. There are a multitude of reasons why you should upgrade to LEDs but the four being discussed today will be longevity, efficiency, color...

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Do your customers care whether your business goes green?

The term “going green” is familiar to most people but their interpretation of what it means differs greatly. The definition to some business owners  may be as simple as turning lights off when you leave a room or as complex as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)...

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Lee DeLange named GenPro Chief Operating Officer

GenPro Energy Solutions announced that electric industry veteran Lee DeLange has joined the company as chief operating officer. “I’m very grateful to be joining the GenPro team,” DeLange said. “ I have had great respect for GenPro’s success over the years, and I look...

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Jobgen named LORENTZ Network Partner Manager

GenPro Energy Solutions announced that Tanner Jobgen has joined the company as GenPro’s LORENTZ Network Partner Manager. “I'm really excited to be joining GenPro. I have been very interested in renewable energy and the business opportunities that it presents,” Jobgen...

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Let it snow: how solar panels thrive in winter weather

If you live outside of the sunny Southwest, the weather can bring sudden changes this time of year. Many parts of the country have already seen snow, and the polar vortex has extended far enough south that even our nation’s capital has experienced a few deep chills....

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