Today is GenPro Energy Solutions’ 15-year anniversary. Going from a small start-up in South Dakota to a globally recognized company is a call for celebration. It also calls for continuing a bold philosophy because, without question, our greatest opportunities and accomplishments still lie ahead.

Our journey began with two brothers sitting around a breakfast table in Rapid City, South Dakota. We concluded only two things: we wanted to start a company and we wanted to be disruptive to thewell-established and change-resistant industry. We believed a little company could have a big impact on education and the right technology selection in an emerging renewable energy market. We didn’t realize it then, but we were already starting to solve problems that would lay foundations for large-scale adoption of new and emerging technologies.

We have outgrown a few facilities now. However, when I think about growth, I don’t think in terms of warehouse space, employees or revenue. Instead, I remember back to the challenges of introducing new ideas and the processes we developed and refined to educate our clients on the economic, social and environmental impact of our energy solutions. It’s amazing to me that what started as an idea for water delivery solutions for livestock developed into economically sustainable energy solutions for homes, businesses, and communities around the world.

People ask us how we continued to grow for 15 years in an industry where policy can have such an impact on success. It’s because we care deeply about true sustainability. We care about energy, the world we live in, and what we are leaving to the generations ahead of us. That’s why every solution we develop not only provide a positive impact on the issues we are passionate about but inherently offer a positive economic impact on the clients who employ them.

GenPro has always been a home to innovators.  People who aren’t satisfied with the status quo. We believe in ideas and empower people to craft and refine them until a tangible value emerges.

In the next few years, the energy market will fundamentally change. Technologies will emerge, and new energy infrastructures will be developed. It’s an incredible opportunity and GenPro is poised to take advantage of it. Right now, we’re already disrupting current energy markets, changing our software and operations to enable faster market penetration and improving our customer experience. We’re working hard to deliver on our vision of providing economically, yet environmentally, sustainable energy solutions. We’re excited that customers are embracing and adopting our offerings. We are doing all of these things, side-by-side, growing a team with passion and purpose and at least for me, having the time of my life!

Many thanks to the incredible team at GenPro and our community who been so supportive from the start. I am incredibly proud to be a part of this organization and I’m very excited about the journey ahead of us!

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