Municipal and Utility Energy Solutions

What are your energy needs?

Promote Sustainability

Community Solar

Only around 25% of homes in the United States are suitable for solar energy. Community solar is a way to provide access to renewables to a wider range of community members while showing public support for sustainability and renewable energy. GenPro’s Solar Team has been involved in the development, design, and installation of community solar projects across the state of Nebraska. There are many types of structures that community solar projects can have and our experienced team will help you develop a program that fits your communities needs and long-term sustainability goals.


Municipal and Utility Project Examples

Solar Street Lighting

Solar street lighting is perfect for walking paths, parks and open spaces and applications where there is a need for light but the cost of electric line extensions is prohibitive. GenPro’s solutions include smart technology that allows the City to control the level of light and monitor systems remotely from City Administration.

Save Money on Your Electric Bills

City Facility LED Lighting Retrofits & Control Solutions

One of the easiest ways to make an immediate impact on your City’s electric bills is to retrofit existing facilities with LED lighting and install control systems throughout City buildings. GenPro’s customized solutions can save you up to 80% of your electricity costs spent on lighting. Our proprietary auditing tools allow us to provide you with accurate energy savings and Return-on-investment calculations.

Lighting and controls solutions include:

  • Administration buildings
  • Warehouse and maintenance facilities
  • Event Centers
  • Police stations

LED Street lighting Solutions

Making the switch to LED streetlight not only saves money in electricity costs but in maintenance costs to the City as well. Imagine not having to dispatch a bucket truck to fix a burnt out streetlight for 10 years. Most LED streetlights are warrantied for 10 years which leaves your maintenance crews free to perform other higher priority activities.

Solar Rooftop Portfolios for Municipal Buildings

Behind-the-meter solar for municipal facilities can not only help with a reduction in electricity costs, it is a great way to promote sustainability programs. By aggregating multiple facilities into one portfolio, installation costs can be greatly reduced by achieving economies-of-scale. Several financing options are available through Power Purchase Agreements or Municipal Leases.

Solar for Water Treatment Facilities & Pumping Stations

Water treatment plants and pumping stations are one of the biggest users of energy for any municipality. The addition of a solar energy system to a facility can help to offset electricity costs and reduce demand charges from the continuous heavy loads. The addition of a public facing monitoring system allows you to publicize carbon offsets to your community base promoting involvement in sustainability programs.

Solar + Storage

Like solar energy in the last 5 years, the costs of energy storage solutions are drastically declining at the same rate. Battery systems can be installed to help shave peak demand, lowering energy bills and increasing the level of control on when and how a City uses your energy. From small-scale solutions for Welcome sign lighting to shaving peak at treatment plant, GenPro can analyze your usage and design a system to maximize energy savings.

Back-Up City Systems

Back-up Generation

In the event of an extreme weather occurrence and power outage, a City’s primary concern is making sure that essential facilities and loads still have power. From Emergency Management Centers to Municipal Water Pumping stations, GenPro can provide back-up generation for your critical loads.

Micro-Grids for Resiliency

After the wake of the recent hurricanes and other extreme weather events more municipalities are looking to create redundant back-up solutions to support both City systems and the community at large. The move towards true micro-grids that can operate without power from the main electric grid are beginning to be installed all over the country. Micro-grids include solar generation, battery storage and back-up generation.


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