Specialty Services

GenPro hosts a wide array of energy related services. With specialized design teams that take you from concept to completion of virtually any power application, GenPro is the industry choice for sustainable energy solutions.


GenPro provides a full array of air-compressor solutions powered by the sun. The GenPro SOLR-AIR systems are capable of 24/7 air sparaging for groundwater remediation operations up to 8cfm@100PSI.

Remote Water Filtration

With some of the industry’s most respected manufacturers and developers as key partners, GenPro has spearheaded the development of advanced water filtration technologies ranging from small suitcase sized unit capable of being transported as carryon luggage on an airline to stationary desalinization solutions for communities. Our systems have been deployed in dozens of countries to provide necessary support for NGO operations.

Custom Racking Solutions

GenPro provides customs racking solutions for a myriad of solar applications. From high wind top-of-pole applications to custom trailer mounted packagers, GenPro can conceive, develop and provide quality solar racking solutions.

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